Social Aspects of IT Introduction

Social Aspects of IT is a topic you should be aware of. There are so many sub-topics to discuss in this area of study. I will explain to you the basics of what sociology means. About the culture. Components of the culture. Cultural diversity and deviance. And also about subculture, counter culture, etc. Keep reading the article to know detailed information.

What is Sociology in Social Aspects of IT?

Sociology means studying systematically about humans. Human society and social interaction. The society is a huge group with people. They share the same geographical territory. Furthermore, they are subjected to the same political and dominant cultural expectation. If you have the ability to see the relationship between individual experience and large society. Then it is called the sociological imagination.

What is Culture?

Culture means a collection of unique things in society. Such as knowledge, language, values, customs, etc. Furthermore, it should pass from person to person. From one generation to the next. In the particular human group or society. Why do you think culture is important? The reason is there is an origin to all. We should know our origin. From where we come. What do we inherit likewise. It can create a unique identity to all of us.

Moreover, there is a word called Cultural Universals. This term means that the customs, practices and other values which share among all the societies. For the culture, we can include the way we eat, how we live family forms and processes, etc. The culture forms with the level or the degree of agreement. If a set of people would agree to share the same characteristics. Then they form a group in the same culture.

Material World in Culture

When it comes to Social Aspects of IT. We should know about the material world in the culture. There are two categories.

Social Aspects of IT
Social Aspects of IT

As shown in the above picture, Material culture explains the tangible things shared in the culture. The members of the society should make, use and share it. It can be raw material converts into technology and comes with a physical object.

The non material culture describes the intangible creations. These abstract human creations can influence people in society. Beliefs, rules of behaviors, family patters are some good examples of this.

Components of Culture

There are 4 components in the culture

  • Symbols in Social Aspects of IT

A symbol can be a unique graphical or textual representation. It should be meaningful. So that a certain symbol can represent it.

  • Language

Language can be a set of symbols. Or a set of words used in Social Aspects of IT. to express the ideas and a method of communication. With one another. It can be unique within a certain cultural or a social group.

  • Values

The term values are somewhat broad. But in simple terms, we can describe it as a collective set of ideas. It can include what is right and wrong within the culture. What is acceptable and unacceptable within the social group etc.

  • Norms

Norms are also created within the culture. These describe an established set of rules for behavior. Or a standard of conduct within the culture.

Social Aspects of IT
Social Aspects of IT Components

Cultural Diversity in Social Aspects of IT

I am sure you have heard of the term cultural diversity before. It explains the wide range of differences found between and within the cultural groups. There are so many reasons for cultural differences. Natural circumstances such as climate, geography. Social circumstances such as technology or demographics too. Society can consist of homogeneous or heterogeneous people.
Homogeneous means all the members of the social group is the same. Heterogeneous means there are differences between the members of the culture.

Have you ever felt like an outsider when you are with a group? If you ever felt so, the reason is you do not have the unique qualities of the certain group. That is why you get the feeling you do not belong there. This can be caused when the societal tension arises.

What do you think about Deviance?

The word deviance means a significant difference from the main culture. But, the way it affects is different. Any behavior, condition or a belief that violates the standards or the social norms of the group. It can be known as deviance. The deviance is defined by common sense thinking and also from the sociologists.
As an example, earlier we did not accept same-sex marriages in society. It was identified as a deviant activity. But now, it has been accepted from most of the countries. So some countries do not consider as a deviant activity.

Do you know what the Subculture and Counter culture are?

  • Subculture

Subculture in Social Aspects of IT gives the meaning from the word itself. It is a category of people in the same dominant culture. But they share distinguishing attributes belief and values. These causes to set them apart from some the main group. Even though, they are considered as members of the main culture.

  • Counter culture inĀ Social Aspects of IT

Counter culture is the set of members from the dominant culture. They strongly reject the norms and social values of it. And they seek for alternative life and forms another cultural group.

Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism in Social Aspects of IT

  • Ethnocentrism

The word Ethnocentrism means a practice which develops by one culture. They keep judging all the other cultures on their own. They think that their own culture is superior to all the other cultures exists. This can be effective in a positive or in a negative manner.

  • Cultural relativism

It explains that all the believes, behaviors, standards and other aspects of a culture. Those should be viewed and analyzed by any culture with their own standards. This will let the members of the cultural group to be modernized. And to be aware of where these are suitable with the current social standards of all.


The article Social Aspects of IT explained to you about Sociology and Culture. Furthermore, about Components of the culture, Diversity and about Deviance. We also learned about the terms Subculture, Counter Culture, etc. If you like to know more details about this area of study read my next articles. Hope you gained good knowledge about the IT social aspects.

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