Status and Role Performance

What is the Social Agreement in Status and Role Performance?

In Status and Role Performance, the structure is a social agreement in a certain society. And it is a large social group that shares the same geographical territory. And is subject to the same political authority. so these explain about cultural expectations. There are social classes including as follows

  • lower class in Status and Role Performance
  • upper class
  • working class
  • middle class

These ranks are based on access to cost resources. this is a complete system and it is identified as social stratification. Let’s take a good example you are playing the role of an undergraduate student position of rain in a group member also your status can be divided into ascribed, achieved.

Status and Role Performance classes
Status and Role Performance classes

Social Stratification in Status and Role Performance

In Status and Role Performance, Social stratification means it is a system category of people in hierarchical based on the access to success resources. basic principles of social stratification areas the next paragraph explained.
Think of a society and it is not individual differences you should know it passes over generations. it is a variable of the variables are universal. also, it in was not just inequality of people but also it represents the beliefs. do you have any idea for a reason of social stratification can be categorized? The next chapter will explain it.

categories of social stratification in Status and Role Performance

let’s read about categories of social stratification in Status and Role Performance. we’re talking about status and role performance is there are few questions we have to answer what social structure and status is status what is described in the ascribed status. And also you to be aware of the status sets. do you think everyone status is equal? master status the social structure and rules also represent rights. Let us see an example which includes and show the connections between the social structure and role performances. This example specifies the relation to you and your family and the IT industry.

Example 1 for Status and Role Performance

I play the role of a student daughter granddaughter friend citizen and group member. and their expectations are needed to achieve in order to play the role correctly the role. It is connected to my family. I am responsible to take care of them and make their wishes come true. the status I have can be categorized ascribed status and achieve. the ascribed status is assigned to you when you were born it cannot be earned age good examples. status can be earned which use for our preference. being a software engineer is an example.

And also by living in society, we gain rights and mass status. it is gain according to the rules and regulations in the society. when we pay the role we have to face role conflict and role stains. when one role performance of responsibility clashes with another role. stains are the issues faced when many roles are connected to single status.

Status and Role Performance
Status and Role Performance

Example 2

Here is another example which explains the connection of Status and Role Performance Society is group 2 structurally related groups or set of roles. my status in my family is the child of the daughter cousin to my relation children. granddaughter my grandparents. age and gender is an ascribed status and owns from birth, in addition, nationality and religion are ascribed. degree program I chose in occupation hoping to be exposed in the future is an achieved status. and I can control it depending on my choice. I have to play different roles such as obeying parents. Taking care of the household and supporting the family. My rights are education health protection.

Social interacting through influencing Each Other as people relate role conflict. it occurs when performing as a student and intern training period conflict occur between two different roles. while role strain within the same role with multiple statuses performing household work as a sister guiding supporting siblings create rules strain.

How do we need to manage role conflicts and stains?

In Status and Role Performance, role conflicts and stains obviously may lead to more confusions and discomfort . In order to reduce the negative impact on these conflicting. To separate our behavior in one role behavior in another good idea of the conflicting . And also there is another method we can track the incompatible roles. and can be done importance prioritizing them. We can reduce role conflicts and strains to complete the role according to the importance.

Societies in Status and Role Performance

There are societies we need to be aware of. Here is the list of societies.

  1. Pre Industrial Society in Status and Role Performance

the pre-Industrial society provided the basic needs which affected its culture in the social structure. in the pre-industrial social lifestyle survived by hunting animals. animal foods find out new things . They invented Lifestyle easier. Pre-industrial societies are also very small. the family is the only institution that could be identified in pre-Industrial society. They had no conception of owning properties. We had no social classes. The only thing which made the division of the labor is the sex and age distinctions.

2. Horticultural Society

In horticultural societies land more things grow the harvest. They moved to more permanent settlement. families were bigger. but it was the basic social life. They communicate with each other by creating languages.

3. Pastoral Society

In Pastoral societies in Status and Role Performance food became the main. obtained by raising and taking care of animals. this society became more male dominant. more migrations for searching land and permanent residence .they traded food and for the stuff, they needed most

4.Agricultural Society

Society is Agricultural society explains focus on harvesting foods using animals. the social classes appeared first at this time. the division made the labourers. traded money for goods.

5. Industrial and post-industrial societies

The difference means in the industrial revolution. after that in your society became the Industrial society. In this science and technology only thing that depends on. Goods and services were produced by this technology using power-driven machines. These replace intensive animal and human labour. this is known as mechanization. It is the main feature of the Industrial society service industry made a labor force that is concentrated feature of post-Industrial society.

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